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Chiropractic and Natural Fitness Symposium

Every year in Columbus Ohio, Arnold Schwarzenegger holds his "Fitness Classic" with the International Chiropractors Association Symposium on Natural Fitness. During these functions, a large number of exercise and fitness minded people, plus a few hundred chiropractors gather and participate in different events. The highlight of those events for the chiropractors happens when Arnold himself addresses the chiropractors symposium and takes time to pose for a picture with every chiropractor in attendance.

Arnold gave a speech this past symposium, (March 6th, 1999) where he made numerous comments about the amazing benefits chiropractic has personally given him.

"People who do not believe in chiropractic constantly ask me about this. I have now become just like a spokesperson for chiropractic. Many people approach me since they are aware that I am a big believer in chiropractic care and that we do this fitness weekend collectively every year. They ask me about chiropractic with questions like, How do you choose a chiropractor? or What is the best way of going about finding the best doctor for me? Well, I say, there are a few things that you should watch out for. Then I give them a few points. I share my experiences. I just had another skiing accident up in Sun Valley and I really could not move. And I again had one of those miracle moments when you call a chiropractor, they care for you and give you adjustments and then days later you ski again like a champion on moguls. So this is what happened to me ... another personal experience with proof how great chiropractic is."

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