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Chiropractic Care Can Help With Ear Infections

The above headline originates from the January 2005 publication of the magazine Up & Coming. This short article tells the story of a 13 year old girl named May Beth, who had endured ear infections the majority of her life. Her dad was the writer of this article. He began off by describing May Beth's background and revealed that by the time his daughter was 13 months old, she'd had 11 ear infections. He explained that every time she was given an antibiotic, which caused the ear infection to go away after about a week, however it would quickly return.

Eventually, May Beth was given antibiotics as a preventative. This didn't work and her father started toworry about the consequences all these antibiotics might have on his daughter. As issues got more serious, May Beth's father became more worried. He stated, "I started to be desperate for an end to her misery. I had been worried about how these chronic ear infections could be affecting her developing speech and the way the antibiotics may be impacting her natural immunity. Because of this, I arranged for her to have a myringectomy, a kind of surgery where tiny tubes are put in the child's ear to stop fluid buildup. Although I thought the procedure was May Beth's best option, I felt horrible about having her experience a general anesthetic and surgery at such a young age. There aren't any words to explain the feeling I had seeing my smiling baby girl dressed in a tiny hospital gown wave back at me as she was being wheeled in a little red wagon into the operating room."

However, despite the surgery May Beth's ear infections did not stop. Fewer than two months later, she once was again taking antibiotics. It was recommended that she have a second surgery. Her father mentioned, "I just couldn't endure it. I was at my wit's end."

May Beth's father had just began chiropractic school and had read that chiropractic care had assisted several kids with chronic ear infections. He then took May Beth to a family chiropractor who began adjusting May Beth. The final results were wonderful. May Beth's father referred to the events by saying, "Since that time, she's had one ear infection that lasted less than two days with no medication. Her overall health has been excellent - and she can talk up a storm!"

He summed up his comments in this article by explaining, "Chiropractic adjustment may resolve the ear infections without the need for surgery. Our bodies - young and old - are wonderfully made to take care of many of the problems we encounter. A correct alignment of the spine maximizes the body's potential to take care of itself."

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