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Chiropractic Care for a Patient with Chronic Migraine Headaches

From the August 3, 2003 issue of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, originates a documented case study of a skilled ice skater who had experienced chronic migraines. The study reports that when she was 23 years old and a professional skater she had suffered a concussion by striking her head on the ice in a fall. Previous to her fall and concussion, she showed no health issues. Following the concussion, she suffered with tension and migraine headaches. These symptoms persisted over the next twelve years, during which time she used daily pain medicines.

At age 35 she chose to start chiropractic care. The study records the preliminary evaluation confirmed proof of subluxation in the upper neck (cervical spine) . The results were monitored by the doctor's observation, patient's subjective description of symptoms, and thermographic scans. Following 3 months of care, all headaches were gone. After a one year follow up the patient still continued to be headache free.

The study's conclusion noted, "The start of the symptoms following the individual's fall on her head; the instant decrease in symptoms correlating with the initiation of care; and the complete absence of all symptoms within three months of care; suggest a link between the patient's concussion, the upper cervical subluxation, and her headaches.

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