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A story that was released in the April 19, 2004 Associated Press, revealed schools that were eliminating all junk food from their school grounds. In an attempt to greatly improve the diet and overall health of the students, Nathan Hale School, in New Haven Connecticut has removed junk food from the school menus and their vending machines. Principal Kim Johnsky boasted in the story, "There isn't a candy bar to be found in this school".
In the story revealed, data concluded from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for the year 2000, about 15 percent of children and teenagers between the ages 6-19 are obese, and that figure has steadily risen over time.
A medical adviser for New Haven Schools, Dr. Stephen Updegrove, and one of the primary architects of the district's policy, said one of the goals is to create a "ripple effect" from the school to the community. "Schools are a major area where kids spend a lot of time, a lot of structured time, and that's a real opportunity to model good behaviors".
The article also mentioned that this is becoming a trend. Schools across the country have made very similar positive changes. California has passed legislation to ban junk food from vending machines, and New York City has rid their schools of hard candy, doughnuts, soda and salty snacks or chips. Hawaii's Board of Education also recently put strict limits on vending machine contents.

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