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Chiropractic treatment is offered after a comprehensive case history, spinal exam and x-rays are completed, and thoroughly reviewed.

Chiropractic treatments include manual adjusting with various techniques that may include side posture, spinal traction, and drops. Cervical adjusting may be done seated, face up, or face down on the table. Dr. Edwards is trained in Palmer Package (Thompson, Gonstead and Diversified), SOT, Activator and other low force adjusting techniques. 

Dr. Edwards will use a combination of techniques to best serve you as an individual. It is important to remember that every chiropractor adjusts similarly in some ways, but different in others. There is no right or wrong technique, but many different tools available to help you achieve an end goal of better health! 

In addition to adjusting, they may use ancillary treatments before or after care. These treatments may include heat/cold packs, trigger point therapy, stretching, and massage or muscle release tools. 

If helpful in your case, supplements, braces, or home tools such as a certified cervical pillow may be recommended. 

Please ask your doctor if you have any questions about the type of care provided in your case.